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CTAF 2022 x A4 Curators’ Exchange
Research 17–21 February 2022
Event photograph from the Investec Cape Town Art Fair 2022 and A4’s joint Curators’ Exchange. A studio visit to Atlantic House with Bulumko Mbete, Frida Robles Ponce and Khanya Mashabela assembled at a studio table.
Studio visit: Bulumko Mbete, Khanya Mashabela and Frida Robles Ponce at Atlantic House, CTAF 2022 x A4, February 17, 2022–February 21, 2022. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Title CTAF 2022 x A4 Curators’ Exchange Dates 17–21 February 2022 Location Offsite Tagline An intensive four-day programme of conversation and exchange between international and local curators with the support of the Belgian Embassy and Consulate. Credits

Convenor (CTAF):
Sophie Lalonde

Facilitator (A4):
Khanya Mashabela

Joachim Naudts
Sofia Dati
Frida Robles Ponce
Bulumko Mbete
Bhavisha Panchia

Facilitated by A4 in partnership with the Cape Town Art Fair, the Curators’ Exchange invites practitioners embedded within their local arts ecosystems to engage in sharing curatorial strategies and experiences across contexts.

Central to the programme are the following questions: What are the conditions of artistic production on the ground in each region? How can we share knowledge systems and resources to create opportunities for collaboration and exchange?

In the first iteration of the Exchange in February 2022, five curators from Belgium, South Africa, and Mexico explored the arts ecology of Cape Town. Using the Art Fair as a first base, the curators proceeded to visit project spaces and artists’ studios, galleries and institutions, independent project environments and museums. Each visit followed a prompt or question that asked the curators to critically engage the work of art institutions and organisations in South Africa – the roles played and contributions made to artistic, cultural and public life. The exchange afforded opportunities to meander the length and breadth of the curatorial arts and generate content towards future research and collaboration.