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Installation photograph from The Future Is Behind Us exhibition in A4’s Gallery. In the middle, James Webb’s sound installation ‘Prayer’ features an long red carpet with upturned audio speakers laid out in a geometric pattern.
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Installation photograph from the ‘Model’ exhibition in A4’s Reading Room. Bhavisha Panchia sound installation 'Imagine you're in a museum: What do you hear?' consists of four chairs with headphones.
Artwork: Bhavisha Panchia, Imagine you’re in a museum: What do you hear? (2020). Sound. 33 min. Courtesy of the artist.
Installation photograph from the Papertrails exhibition in A4’s Reading Room. Various forms of printed matter are arranged on a custom wooden display table.
Installation view: Papertrails curated by francis burger and Jonah Sack, January 11, 2022–April 29, 2022. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.
Event photograph from the Lego Robotics workshop by ORT SA CAPE on A4’s top floor. A table covered with plastic containers, lego electronic components and a digital tablet is surrounded by children.
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Installation photograph from the You & I exhibition in A4’s Gallery. On the left, Eila-Lisa Ahtina’s video work ‘Fishermen (Études no 1)’ projected in a large black enclosure. On the right, Pierre Fouché’s dice floor sculpture ‘Mahmoud & Ayaz’ sits on the floor, with Glenn Ligon’s PVC and neon wall sculpture ‘Give us a Poem (Palindrome #2)’ on the wall behind it.
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Process photograph from ‘Open Production’, Igshaan Adams’ hybrid studio/exhibition in A4’s Gallery. On the right, a wooden bench with woven basket and scissors. On the left, a mixed media tapestry in the process of being woven is mounted on the wall.
Process: Igshaan Adams’ Open Production, August 18, 2020–November 12, 2020. Image courtesy of A4 Arts Foundation.